Config options : Light CMP

Following variables are good within “gravitoCMPConfig” variable.

style.customCSS Enter your custom CSS definitions, all on one line. Sounds weird but that is what IE requires. 1.0.0
core.cookieNameCookie name the CMP settings are stored to1.0.0
core.cookieExpiryCookie lifetime in days1.0.0
core.settingBtnIdElement ID the CMP resurfacing click is bound to1.0.0
core.versionConfiguration version, increasing version causes the CMP to resurface and request consents again.1.0.0
style.logoUrlURL where the CMP can load the logo image, leave empty if you don’t want logo on it1.0.0
style.primaryColorPrimary color of your brand/styling1.0.0
style.secondaryColorSecondary color of your brand/styling1.0.0
fontsDefine which fonts CMP should use, unicodeRange can be left out if not needed1.0.0
core.adsConsentIdWhich consent ID can be used as indication of ads consent, required by Google Consent Mode1.0.1
Which consent ID can be used as indication of analytics consent, required by Google Consent Mode
style.logoSvgYou can enter the logo as SVG code here1.0.1
style.logoTypeimg or svg1.0.1
style.disableConfirmationModaltrue/false, controls if the removal of consent is confirmed with popup or is the function direct1.0.1
core.useTopDomaintrue/false, set to true if you want to share the collected consent between subdomains1.0.4
core.withBackendIntegrationtrue/false, tells the CMP if there it waits for backend response1.0.4