Gravito Intelligent Consent Management Platform for Commercial Media (TCF 2.2 Compliant)

We turn your consent banner into an asset

European Gateway to Data Privacy, Personalization, and Ethical Advertising.

We embrace a digital world where data privacy and personalized experiences can coexist. Gravito Intelligent Consent Management Platform is Google-certified and integrates the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) compliant consent management with a real-time identity resolution toolkit to establish a transparent and comprehensive online environment.

Gravito Consent Management Platform identifies returning visitors and remembers their consent preferences during the page load.


  • Reduce the number of annoying consent banner pop-ups.
  • Connect identities and consent in real-time
  • Drive accuracy and effectivity to data-driven business.

Gravito’s way of storing consent string is 25 % more effective than any conventional CMP. It’s seen and proven by comparison that Gravito triggers the consent banner less often.

Million page loads daily


Less consent banner pop-ups.

Consent and identity are connected

Gravito understands the importance of linking cookie consent with visitor identity during page load. This is because contemporary commercial media sites rely on data-driven techniques to offer personalized experiences and targeted advertising.

Everything happens in real-time

Consent is only the initial step towards building a trustworthy business. We have incorporated real-time data management capabilities into our Intelligent Consent Management Platform. It can be utilized to coordinate identity resolution based on consent during page load.

Maintain privacy without putting the business at risk

In summary, integrating real-time identity resolution into a consent management system creates a symbiotic relationship that benefits businesses and website visitors. It enhances user experience, improves data accuracy, ensures compliance with regulations, and enables personalized, secure, and efficient data management and marketing practices. Ultimately, it helps build trust between businesses and their users while optimizing resource allocation and decision-making.

Seamless Cross-Domain and Cross-Device Experience

When registered users are identified across devices, their consent preferences can be synchronized, ensuring a consistent experience regardless of their use. This minimizes redundant consent requests and enhances user convenience.

Consent banner / 1st layer

Gravito TCF consent management banner sample layer one

Consent banner / 2nd layer

Gravito TCF consent management banner sample layer two

Features include

  • GDPR and TCF 2.2. Compliant
  • Google Certified – supports additional consent mode
  • Support for customization and deployment
  • Identifies website visitors during page load
  • Always up-to-date from a privacy perspective
  • Easy to deploy with tag management tools
  • WebView version for mobile apps
  • Reporting of consent statistics
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Cookie scan and site performance monitor
  • Gravito First-party Data Toolkit for Identity Resolution
  • Gravito API for cross-device and cross-domain bridging of the customer profile
Easy deployment

The Gravito offers in-person support and customization service to all customers looking for TCF-compliant consent management.

Deploying the consent banner and Gravito SDK on the site is done with any tag management tools. Additionally, the Google Tag Manager Template is available.


How it works

Gravito CMP provides unique benefits. Its First-Party Data Toolkit (SDK) stores the consent string in the persistent first-party data keyring, which is retrieved upon the visitor’s return, and the consent banner only appears when needed.

Gravito SDK establishes a connection between identifiers and tags based on consent. This enables data-driven functionalities such as identity resolution with minimal development effort.

Finally, the Gravito API enables the bridging of deterministic customer profiles of consent and keyring data between multiple domains.

Our documentation is openly available on our website. If you need any assistance or have specific use cases, don’t hesitate to contact developer-friendly support.