Mobile apps

TCF CMP implementation on mobile apps can take two different strategies:

  1. You have TCF CMP already configured and set up for your website or you are planning to have such AND your application is made with webviews (= content is displayed on webviews and 3rd party vendor scripts and tags are loaded on those as would on ordinary browser)
  2. Your app runs natively (without webviews) and TCF CMP needs to be implemented natively AND/OR your application is using SDKs for mar/adtech.

There can be hybrids of above so mixing features is still possible.

Option 1 : Same TCF CMP setup for website and mobile app(s)

Assuming that you have TCF CMP already setup for your website(s). Easiest way to deploy the same for your mobile application is to include it on the app via webview. You can host a blank page containing CMP on your site or CDN. Include CMP scripts and configuration on it and load the URL inside the app. The core requirement is that all content comes from same second level domain, ie. same CMP cookie is accessible on all webviews.

Option 2 : Native apps, CMP embedded via webview

Native app integration requires a bit different approach per application architecture: