Identity Resolution and Data Connection – Am I able to see you?

Unique real-time visitor identity resolution on the client-side allows you to match anonymous website activity to known visitors. The ID-Connector ensures storing any ID or key value pair of data behind your chosen identifier and push larger and richer audiences to paid media for better targeting. The MatchOnId feature ensures the connection of the profile cross-domain, cross-device and cross corporation. Having a persistent profile available also on the client supercharges your data orchestration and acts as a an enabler for your entire tech stack.

Gravito First-Party Data Toolkit: Enhancing Personalization

Real-time identity resolution accurately recognizes and associates a user’s identity across multiple devices, sessions, and domains during the page load.

It enables publishers to deliver highly personalized content and recommendations based on a comprehensive understanding of the user. In e-commerce, real-time identity resolution allows dynamic product recommendations tailored to individual preferences.

When using Gravito, customers have a license for the Gravito First-Party Data Toolkit (Gravito SDK) and Gravito API. These tools can run Identity Resolution functions in real-time during page load, and the API can connect runtime data to server-side systems or bridge data between sessions, devices and domains. Our solutions prioritize privacy by design, making orchestrating complex data-sharing use cases consent-based and easy.

The Gravito SDK and API from the Gravito First-party Data Toolkit offer a sophisticated and modern solution for managing visitor consent and profiles and integrating with existing systems.

Collecting Data with Gravito

Gravito SDK can be accessed and used with client-side scripts on the data layer. It persistently stores selected IDs or tags in the First-Party context while retaining access on the client side.

Visitor Management:

Any selected data in any connected system can be bridged between site visit sessions by assigning and storing a probabilistic visitor ID.

Visitor Profile Enrichment:

Enhance the user’s profile by storing any additional ID or data tags from various sources.


Personalized content, recommendations, and interactions can be provided based on accurate preferences and behavior by using the same visitor identity across systems.

Targeted advertising:

Commercial media publishers can efficiently manage data sharing between ad servers and networks. Gravito seamlessly integrates with all systems using cookie-based technologies.

User Authentication:

After logging in or completing other authentication processes, the deterministic ID is linked to the probabilistic profile. This connects the verified user to their observed data and stored consent.

Cross-Device Bridging:

Once a user logs in or completes the authentication process on a different device or browser, the deterministic ID is matched to the profile data on the server side. This allows the verified user to be connected to the data stored on the other device or browser, and the profiles are combined.

Cross-Domain Bridging:

Once a user logs in or completes the authentication process on another domain sharing the authentication, the deterministic ID is matched to the profile data on the server-side. This allows the verified user to be connected to the data stored on the other device, browser or domain, and the profiles are combined.

Make your existing IDs work on the client-side – on edge.

Gravito Edge Profile is sort of a synonym to Gravito ID Connector Toolkit. The APIs and SDKs provided together will provide you with a sophisticated and modern toolkit, which allows you (with correct orchestration) to do almost anything with your existing systems and the end-user profile.


You can store events to the First-Party ID Connector SDK with ease. Start with visit counters and extend functions toward advanced encoded consent strings.

ID Connect

Connect any ID from your existing systems and store it in 1P context, and easily share the data across your domains and user devices.


Gravito First-Party ID Connector SDK permanently stores the data in the first-party data context. It is as persistent as it could ever be.


At any point, Gravito ID Connector allows you to disconnect a profile. (e.g. logout of a user) if you need to.


At any point, Gravito ID Connector allows you to reset a profile. (eg: reject all consents)


Gravito ID Connector allows you to delete a profile. (eg: GDPR rules)


Clients operating in a multi-domain environment can enable IDs, profiles, and data across all domains.


Collect and maintain consent from your end-users in real-time. Enable Consent Consolidation across all your webpages.


Gravito ID Connector keyring connects all your existing systems’ IDs in First-Party Data Context and makes them available on the data layer