Take your privacy and preference management to the next level with the Gravito Preference Centre. Our solution helps you meet regulatory compliance and enhances customer transparency and trust, all while offering a seamless user experience on your website.

 The Gravito Privacy Centre is designed to meet regulatory compliance and build customer trust. It incorporates built-in logic that dynamically adjusts cookie consents and marketing preferences. This functionality seamlessly integrates with your data systems or applications, offering thorough backend orchestration. The appearance and functionality of the system can be tailored according to your preferences. It is fully customisable.

The GDPR requirements regarding “Right to be forgotten” and “Data portability” can be easily provided with a custom UI that is simple to deploy.

 With the Gravito Preference Centre, you can empower your customers by allowing them to see and modify their data, preferences, and consents. This builds trust and offers your customers a better user experience, enhancing their interaction with your brand.

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