Consent management joins Identity Resolution

Supercharge your identity resolution and consent management

Gravito consents and identifies the website visitors already during the page load.

We remember the customer and given consents and can provide the customer record for all the surrounding technologies, real-time.


The standard method of using third-party cookies and freely ingested data has become subject to privacy concerns, new rules, and legislation and it is harder to engage equally with the entire audience.

Gravito persistently stores end-user consent and profile data in first-party context on edge. Gravito ID Connector™ offers access to the edge profile on the data layer and seamlessly connects other data-driven systems’ identities.

Supercharge your identity resolution and consent management


Easy deployment, with minimal changes to existing stack makes Gravito a desirable tool for all developers. Supercharge your identity resolution!


Gravito connects your end-user consents and existing systems’ IDs in first-party context and makes them available on the data layer by Gravito ID Connector™


The biggest hurdle for any customized user journey is the lack of relevant data when the customer lands on the site. We remember the previous visit and customer behavior and can provide this data already during the page load to all the surrounding technologies.

Gravito enables a customized experience with a privacy first design.



The value of publishers’ advertising inventory decreases because data sharing between systems in ad management has become more complex.

Gravito offers publishers an easy way to collect first party data. It immediately increases the value of the ad inventory by connecting the dots between different technologies.

Put your data-driven business back on track with Gravito

Gravito’s approach is sophisticated and modern. Most computing is done runtime on edge – on the client side, and the data is stored persistently as a server-side cookie in a first-party context. The functions are privacy-first by design and executed only consent-based. All the data the end-user has granted access to is available through the data layer in real time. The technology can be deployed very quickly with a highly scalable infrastructure.

Contact us and start testing on the same day.

Gravito’s first-party data solutions already power over 40 % of all Finnish commercial publishers’ pageviews.

Many of the publishers in the Nordics already trust Gravitos technology. So do many Advertisers and other Digital Asset Owners. Should you too?

Gravito operates on domains in first-party context allowing your existing systems to work as you expect.

Benefits and advantages we deliver:

Gravito edge profile saves consent strings in a first-party context

  • reduces resurfacing of consent banner
  • consent-based data integrity
  • privacy-first use of 3rd party data solutions

Gravito ID Connector™ connects and saves edge profiles in the first-party context

  • all functions are executed consent-based
  • device ID for the domain with years of lifetime
  • connect any 3rd party systems’ IDs in the first-party context
  • data made available on the data layer after page load
  • seamless connection of profiles in a multidomain environment

Data-driven processes benefit, and systems generate more value:

  • analytics and orchestration
  • multidomain and cross-device tracking
  • content targeting
  • recommendation engines
  • data-driven decision making
  • advertising targeting
  • advertising inventory management
  • better control of campaign parameters