A First Party Data solution on the edge

Identity resolution and consent management  joins edge profiling analytics and orchestration.

Plug your customer identities and consents cross-session, cross-device and cross-domain to a persistent first-party profile


Gravito offers easy to customize and quick to deploy capabilities where Martech meets Adtech.

Plug your consents persistently to a microprofile and get the benefits from the built-in keyring & Match-On ID capability.




In the post-3rd-party-cookie world, you have to collect your data in First-Party context. Our Microprofile solution does that for you. It also combines the different ID’s in a persistent way and manages the set-up for you.

Massive lift to cross-channel audience targeting, frequency capping, optimization and attribution.



In order to run a data-driven business, you must activate all your data. We offer a solid first-party data solution and allow you to focus fully on your business.

You can trust Gravito on this. This is the next generation CDP.

Instant increase to CPMs and yield across cookie restricted inventory.

Fragmented Data – Stitching It All Together


You can get started by deploying our intelligent consent banner or by using our SDK.


Serving over 100 million user-events daily

Most of the publishers in the nordics already trust Gravitos technology. So do many Advertisers and other Digital Asset Owners. Should you too?

Gravito operates on your domains always in first party context allowing you to focus on your business.

Start unleashing your first party data with our ID fabric.