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Zero to third party data management

We help customers to become the masters of their data and companies to excel on front wave of data revolution.

Gravito CMP

Being the privacy-first, consent-driven platform it was very obvious for Gravito to develop an extension to our consent management to comply with IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v.2.0. Ready to roll when you are, ask for more details or head to to learn how to give it a test drive. 

What do we do

Next generation customer data services

Are you having hard time with managing how customer data is handled?


We have been on that position as well. That is why Gravito was initiated! We thought inside out how the ideal world of customer data should look like and ended up with solution. Solution that gives individuals full transparency how their data is treated by companies and companies next level capabilities to build awesome user experiences.

Why to choose us

Best expertise on the field and revolutionary product

Best MarTech experts

Our team of experts have been around since the first dawn of commercial internet.

Revolutionary product

First if not only Customer Data Platform that is made for multi-tenacy and MyData.

Smooth and prompt start

We have made it extremely easy to get started and trial things out, no commitment needed.

Customer Data Management

Our Most Popular Services

Customer data consulting

We make a deep dive to your infrastructure and processes and make best recommendation to improve.

Consent management module

Gravito rolls on consents, given by end-users, the most natural way to get started is to deploy consent management module. TCF v2 compliant.

Omnichannel communication module 

Gravito enables all digital touchpoints for customer communication, allowing you to grow beyond web and email.

Observer module

Observe key events from any touchpoint and let AI make best judgement of best user experience.

Keyring module

Combine identifiers of any system with ease, with simple but effective access control and orchestrate between systems.

Customer experience module

Let your marketing team to respond to demand with real-time decisioning, omnichannel orchestration and best of the breed customer experience.

What is holding your business back?

Eager to jumpstart? Describe your business case briefly and contact us, we'll let you know how to benefit from Gravito services.

Our Achievements


Customer profiles


Analyzed events


Conversion uplift


Years of expertise


Uplifting experiences and performance

Few examples of success we have made possible with our customers.

Our team of professionals helped the customers to find they way to streamline and improve how customers treated and that leads prompt lifts on performance in many areas.

General user satisfication increase +32%
Conversion to purchase increase +74%
Personalized communication increase +73%

The key personnel to take care of your success

Our Team

Jouni M


Unni K

Lead developer







Olli P




Project manager


Jouni W

Senior Client Manager



Legal advisor

Gravito tracks me?

Gravito does not track anyone without consent or other explicit permission. To be able to do this Gravito needs device identifier and also account identifier if you are logged in with Gravito. The identifier is used to store your consents and permissions, if you have been asked about those and what was your response.

Why is privacy so important?
I'm consumer, how Gravito helps me?
I have a company, how do I start?

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Revolutionary customer data management at your service.

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