Google Consent Mode v2 -compliant Consent Management
with unique advantages

We turn your consent banner into an asset

Gravito Consent Management Platform identifies returning visitors and remembers their consent preferences during the page load.

  • Reduce the number of annoying consent banner pop-ups.
  • Connect identities and consent in real-time
  • Drive accuracy and effectivity to data-driven business.

Gravito’s way of storing consent string is 25 % more effective than any conventional CMP. It’s seen and proven by comparison that Gravito triggers the consent banner less often.

Million page loads daily


Less consent banner pop-ups.

Fully customizable consent banner

In Gravito, every aspect of your user’s experience matters, including the initial interaction. That’s why our Consent Management Platform (CMP) includes a fully customisable consent banner that seamlessly integrates with the look and feel of your business. With Gravito’s intuitive interface, you can tailor the consent banner’s design, colours, and messaging to match your brand identity.

Consent management analytics dashboard

Take control of your consent management strategy with Gravito’s intuitive dashboard. Monitor CMP event statistics, including the percentage of your website audience allowing all cookies. Gain insights into user preferences and adjust your approach accordingly, all in one central location.

Built-in Identity Resolution

Experience a revolutionary approach to consent management with Gravito’s identity resolution technology. By identifying 25% more returning visitors during page load, Gravito CMP reduces the frequency of consent banners. This means a smoother, less intrusive browsing experience for your users and more precise website analytics.

The most persistent consent storage in the World

Gravito records user consent and builds a user profile more long-lasting than a conventional cookie saved on the end user’s browser. This reduces the times a returning user has to react to a consent banner more than once.

Consent banner / 1st layer

Consent banner / 2nd layer

Gravito consent management banner sample layer two

Features include

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Supports Google Consent Mode v2
  • Identifies website visitors during page load
  • Fully customized look & feel with CSS scripts
  • Always up-to-date from a privacy perspective
  • Easy to deploy with tag management tools
  • WebView version for mobile apps
  • Reporting of consent statistics
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Cookie scan and site performance monitor
  • Gravito First-party Data Toolkit for Identity Resolution
  • Gravito API for cross-device and cross-domain bridging of the customer profile
Easy deployment

The Gravito CMP configurator is a step-by-step tool for customizing the appearance of the consent banner, validating your domain, and deploying it on your website.

Deploying the consent banner and Gravito SDK is done with any tag management tools. Additionally, the Google Tag Manager Template and WordPress plugin are also available.


How it works

Gravito CMP provides unique benefits. Its First-Party Data Toolkit (SDK) stores the consent string in the persistent first-party data keyring, which is retrieved upon the visitor’s return, and the consent banner only appears when needed.

Gravito SDK establishes a connection between identifiers and tags based on consent. This enables data-driven functionalities such as identity resolution with minimal development effort.

Finally, the Gravito API enables the bridging of deterministic customer profiles of consent and keyring data between multiple domains.

Our documentation is openly available on our website. If you need any assistance or have specific use cases, don’t hesitate to contact developer-friendly support.

Do you have something to ask?

Contact us directly if you have multiple domains linked to a single legal entity and you consider bundling them for a quote.

If you need a TCF-compliant CMP for your commercial website with ads, please get in touch with us. We are more than happy to assist you with your requirements.