Gravito provides a Nordic approach to data and consent management.

Cross-domain and cross-device consent management in a persistant way

Developer friendly and easy to implement

  • Always up-to-date from privacy perspective
  • Fully customizable look & feel with CSS scripts
  • Easy to deploy with tag management tools
  • Operates cross-session, cross-domain and cross-device
  • Emits events from user actions; events can be used to trigger further actions like analytics, personalization and advertising tags
  • WebView version for mobile apps
  • Integration to web analytics for reporting purposes​
  • Cookie scan & Site performance monitor

Try it out for free and then Pay-As-You-Go

Free to use. Start NOW by registering your Domain at our Business Portal and deploy.

Avoid cookie erosion by using a first party persistant ID

  • Drop 1st party server side cookie with years of lifetime​
  • Audit trail as required by authorities
  • Get rid off annoying constant cookie queries
  • Cookie echo, cookie is written with API request, cookie contents are provided as response​
  • Local, persistent storage (up to 2KB of serialized data)​
  • Match on ID, submitting identity ID allows to match between domains and devices​
  • Connect to Gravito CDP, allows profiling between​ Domains​
  • Customer provided ID​
  • Gravito device and account data
  • Edge analytics and orchestration
  • Server to server integrations

Gravito offers consent management, profile enriching and marketing capabilities in one powerful tool.