Zero to third party customer data management

Gravito Ltd is a Helsinki based Finnish start-up with well-seasoned digital business professionals who have gained their expertise along the construction of world’s largest digital marketing and analytics systems. The team consist of martech and media enthusiasts who get their kicks from developing state-of-the-art solutions.

The world has entered a privacy-first era of marketing. The ability to target the right consumer, at the right time, in the right location, on the right channel, with the right message – is now even harder, because transparent consumer consent must be sought, across all touchpoints. As third-party, cross-website cookie tracking is being phased out, it will be even harder for marketers to ‘know’ or target online consumers. First party data will become crucial for all businesses.

Gravito is a real-time consumer profile which manages the consumer identity, consents and preferences from one solution. It can combine the various different profiles into one, and provide all the necessary consumer data and segments that the marketing requires from one single profile. The solution has been built bottom-up which means that the consents are an integral part of the solution. Our privacy-first solution can be seen as a combination of a real Consumer Data Platform (CDP) with in-built Consent and Preference management (CMP), Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and multi-channel marketing capabilities.


Board & Leadership team

Juho Jokinen
Chairman of the Board

Petri Kokkonen
Board member

Jake Laisi

Patrick Glantz

Jouni Mannerhovi

Unnikrishnan Kurup
Lead Developer