A persistent and real-time, white-label visitor identifier packed with First Party data across domains and corporations.

Gravito can operate as a neutral data fabric providing a unique and future-proof way for commercializing data around your own First Party ID also across corporations. A supercharged, persistent visitor profile  allows dynamic and more granular segmentation based on your observed and known visitors.

It introduces a sophisticated and easy way to start bridging real-time cross-publisher “nano” segments to any SSP/DSP with your own (or any existing) First Party ID. A white-label visitor-ID generation for both known and anonymous audience that carries relevant data (site visits, behavior etc.) cross-domain and cross-corporation enables new data products.

The data fabric lights up existing tech as all data is stored in first-party context with maximum persistence. Easy deployment and agnostic to any publisher/advertiser tech (IAM/login provider etc.) makes the integration very smooth.

The solution can run as a SaaS or from a fully serviced and dedicated infrastructure or containerized to your own cloud.

At Gravito, we understand that large enterprises and software companies have unique needs and often require complete control over the server-side runtime solutions and data storage.

Level 1: Dedicated Server and data storage

  • Dedicated and customised cloud environment
  • Gravito’s service and support.
  • Optimised location and cloud infrastructure
  • High SLA

Level 2: Private Cloud

  • Environment under client’s own Cloud Subscription
  • Gravito’s software support

Key Benefits:

    • Data Sovereignty: Organizations retain control over their data, adhering to strict privacy requirements
    • Customisation: Tailor the cloud setup to specific applications, performance metrics, and compliance standards.

Use Cases:

    • Dedicated IP address and domain name space
    • White-labeling the solution
    • Enterprise solutions
    • Sensitive workloads: Industries dealing with sensitive data (e.g., healthcare, finance).
    • Standalone reseller environment

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