Light CMP is a consent management solution that helps to collect consent for data collection, analytics, targeting, personalization and whatever your business needs to fulfil legal or regulatory terms. If you are advertiser or publisher, you might benefit from full TCF compliant CMP but not every use case is the same so choice is yours.

Light CMP follows the same configuration and deployment strategy as Gravito CMP, the difference is that the configuration can be freely modified to fit any need. We provide some sample texts that are probably fitting for many scenarios but we recommend to align the CMP with your privacy policy and technologies that are used for marketing and advertising.

To implement Gravito LightCMP on your website (or app inside a webview), you will need CMP configuration first. Usually you will get it generated for you by Gravito Admin Portal or you will be handed pre-made configuration. For testing and reference purposes you can review one configuration here.