Gravito was selected as a technology partner for Swiss media houses

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A few days ago, we finalised an agreement with Swiss media after completing the proof of concept phase. Things are moving forward, and a dedicated Gravito environment has been set up to connect Swiss media users. We are thrilled to share the press release with you, which you can read below.

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The Swiss Digital Alliance, a consortium of the four biggest private Swiss media houses and public broadcaster SRG, is responding to the increasing international competition for advertising revenue by investing in local cooperation. To achieve this goal, the Alliance has partnered with Helsinki-based software developer Gravito Oy, which will provide software to create the responsible advertising ID for Switzerland called OneID. With OneID, over 3 million users can be addressed on the attractive premium publishers in Switzerland without overlap. At the same time, it ensures that modern data protection standards are adhered to and that users retain control over their data.     

Gravito has signed a licensing agreement with OneLog AG, a company jointly owned by the Swiss media houses CHMedia, NZZ, Ringier, and TX Group. OneLog is expanding its services to offer a digital advertising ID in addition to its current single sign-on service for Swiss media companies and publishers. Gravito’s technology will ensure that the user’s consent is obtained and that the OneID is created and managed in compliance with the data protection regulations, allowing advanced campaign optimization in joint advertising campaigns executed programmatically via Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) by local and international advertisers. 

Silvano Oeschger, CEO of OneLog AG: “We are delighted to embark on this strategic partnership with Gravito Oy. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to innovation and data privacy, setting a new standard for digital advertising in Switzerland. We are confident that Gravito’s expertise and technology will play a pivotal role in achieving our goal of creating a sustainable, privacy-first digital advertising environment that benefits all stakeholders in the Swiss media and advertising landscape.

Patrick Glantz, the Co-Founder of Gravito Oy, expresses his satisfaction with the agreement. According to him, the company’s vision and idea behind the product development are now paying off, as there has been a rise in demand for flexible white-label first-party data solutions. Patrick Glantz: “Gravito believes in the Nordic approach, where respecting user consent is an essential starting point, and good software should not be a one-size-fits-all kind of package but rather a developer-friendly toolkit with transparent pricing, where users can pick and choose the right tools for their data utilization stack.”

Helsinki-based Gravito focuses on developing sophisticated and easily deployable solutions that remain flexible and sustainable from a data privacy perspective.

OneLog AG is a joint venture of the four biggest private Swiss media companies: CHMedia, NZZ, Ringier, and TX Group.

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