Gravito ID Connector

– Toolkit for the Edge

Persistent first-party edge profile connects and enables end-user profiles across all your domains.

Persistent End-User Edge Profile 

As part of the first-party ID Connector, we provide you with the Micro Profile on edge. Micro means simple, right? Wish it was. However, the general idea is pretty simple. You can choose your own ID which you want to make persistent. You can then store various types of attributes, consents, key-rings, etc to a cookie that is set from the server-side by Gravito API. Two reasons why:

1) Server-side cookie lasts longer than cookies set by javascript running on the client
2) API operating on your domain avoids the blocking of third-party cookies (now and in the future)

Collect Actionable Data

First-party API was initially developed as a simple micro-service to help with setting the first-party cookie to hold CMP settings and consents. As more advanced requirements started to surface we thought that calling the service “micro profile” or “edge profile” would be reasonable

Make your existing IDs work on the client-side – on edge.

Gravito Edge Profile is sort of a synonym to Gravito ID Connector Toolkit. The APIs and SDKs provided together will provide you with a sophisticated and modern toolkit, which allows you (with correct orchestration) to do almost anything with your existing systems and the end-user profile.


Store events to the Gravito Edge Profile with ease. Start with visit counters to advanced encoded consent strings.

ID Connect

Connect IDs from your existing systems across your domains and get the complete picture of your end-user like never before.


Gravito Edge Profile is saved always in the first-party data context. It is as persistent as it could ever be. and we mean it. Gravito Edge Profile can even withstand ITP 3 restrictions on Safaris.


At any point, Gravito ID Connector allows you to disconnect a profile. (e.g. logout of a user) if you need to.


At any point, Gravito ID Connector allows you to reset a profile. (eg: reject all consents)


Gravito ID Connector allows you to delete a profile. (eg: GDPR rules)


Clients operating in a multi-domain environment can enable IDs, profiles, and data across all domains.


Collect and maintain consent from your end-users in real-time. Enable Consent Consolidation across all your webpages.


Gravito ID Connector keyring connects all your existing systems’ IDs in First-Party Data Context and makes them available on the data layer

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