If you are responsible of running business, union, association, service, application or anything that requires interaction with end-user with digital touchpoints and handling their data way or another you probably will benefit from services that Gravito offers.

Easiest way to get started is to deploy Gravito to your website or mobile application by loading our specific javascript into it. Normally you would do this via tag manager and if you know how those work, just take the code snippet from our specifications page and load it on every page of your site. You'll see Gravito starting to ask the end-users to login or register to Gravito to manage their preferences. If they've register already like you (assuming you've test-driven the solution as end-user), there won't be questions asked anymore but permissions and preferences are exchanged behind the scenes and your site's data layer now know how to treat the customer, what data you can collect and consumer, if they allow targeted content and which digital channels you can use to connect with them.


Gravito is a platform and a service that allows collection of observed data from various digital touchpoints and merging it with personal data secure way. End users are in full control of consenting companies to use their data or not.

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