Customer Identity and Access Management & SSO

  • Easy IAM integration to your application! Login either with email or with social accounts (such as Facebook or Google).
  • Customize your look and feel with your own logo.
  • Secure your API with OAuth 2.0 complaint technology standards.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) between multiple applications
  • Allow your JavaScript front-end app and a mobile app both access your API in a secure manner.
  • Users to login with one-time PIN codes delivered by email.
  • Use analytics to track the login of users on your site or application.

Plug your consumer identity to the Gravito Profile

  • Real-time privacy first consumer profile behind one single API
  • Manages all consents and consumer┬ápreferences from one profile
  • Emits events from user actions; events can be used to trigger further actions like analytics, personalization and advertising tags
  • Keyring module for combining multiple profiles and devices into one Gravito profile
  • Edge analytics and orchestration
  • Server┬áto server integrations
  • Audience builder & Omnichannel communication

Go beyond and take full advantages of Gravito Platform internet business acceleration