For Smart Cities

Gravito's human centered approach

A smart city to grow sustainably and prosper is all about sharing data that is been collected from the ever increasing númber of sensors. Many of the applications require that the data has to be available in real-time. To support this the Data infrastructure needs to be trusted, transparent and open and be able to efficiently tolerate vast amounts of data.

Actionable Data

Gravito can turn your data actionable because the data running though it is 100% consented by the ones producing it and it's consumption is fully transparent.

Grow as You go

Onboarding new data sources and users is effortless with Gravito as it is fully API-Centric

Gravito's ideology


Inhabitants choice at it core

As with Smart cities Gravito has its inhabitants and their choices at their core. Gravito enables seamless data flow across different stakeholders with in the data driven ecosystem






Underneath any successful society, there is always the sharing mentality. Now using Gravito that is possible with your data as well, which in parallel, allows you to collect credits to be used with in the society

Connected Everything

Powerful integration tools with in Gravito allows you to connect, control and collect all data that belongs to you. May that be generated by your car, home sensors or fridge





Safe, secure and transparent

The proprietary key ring exchange method coupled with usage of Smart Contracts on block chain makes the data interactions safe and transparent.


Gravito is a platform and a service that allows collection of observed data from various digital touchpoints and merging it with personal data secure way. End users are in full control of consenting companies to use their data or not.

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