For Businesses

Gravito is much more than a basic Consumer Data Platform:

  • Gravito leans on consumer-managed keyring holding all consumer consents.
  • Centralized consumer preferences carry consumer’s digital identity across domains.
  • Consumer pre-chooses their own interest segments.

For Digital Marketing Executives and Campaign Managers:

  Gravito's C-model allows you to manage laser-focus targeted marketing  campaigns.

  - You will be able to reach the exact consumers you are looking for -

The consumer has pre-chosen what data is collected, when, where and why through one single view. The preferences follow the consumer wherever they go, they can be changed on the fly.


A powerful CRM Solution

Collect and control your customers information in one place instead of having it in silos 




Centralized consents

Gravito provides the ease of having only one consent set managed by the user to look upto

Omnichannel Marketing

The way Gravito has been built, helps you talk seamlessly over multiple channels to your customers





Grow with your customer

The data commercialization ecosystem which lies under Gravito platform enables you to grow with your customer


Gravito is a platform and a service that allows collection of observed data from various digital touchpoints and merging it with personal data secure way. End users are in full control of consenting companies to use their data or not.

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