Config options : TCF CMP

Following variables are good in “gravitoCMPConfig” object scope:

core.settingBtnClassNameClass name for link(s) that will be used to re-open the CMP modal when user wants to review or change consent settings.1.0.0
core.versionIndicates the version of the configuration. If the version number is changed, CMP UI will be shown again to user allowing to inform and collect new purposes, vendors etc.1.0.0
core.allowedVendorsDefines allowed OOB vendors (only when CMP is configured to global scope)1.0.0
core.vendorsList of vendors at
core.purposesDefine purposes and/or stacks you need to enable1.0.0
core.nonTCFVendorsIf you have any, you need to maintain vendor-id mapping by yourself1.0.0
core.customPurposesAka. publisher purposes. If you need consents for purposes separately1.0.0
core.publisherRestrictionsIf you want to override some vendor-originating settings, e.g. force consent for purposes the vendor states the legitimate interest only1.0.0
style.fontsSet to fonts your site is using or leave as is to use gravitoFont1.0.0
style.logoUrlURL location of your brand logo1.0.0
style.primaryColorYou can set to your brand’s primary color, it is used on primary buttons, link colors etc1.0.0
style.secondaryColorIs used as background of cancel buttons etc., you can customize if needed1.0.0
core.languageCodeTwo digit ISO code for the language CMP is shown1.0.1
core.purposeOneTreatmentTrue or false (default), set to true only if the target market has legislative need for enabling this1.0.1
core.publisherCountryCodeTwo digit ISO country code the publisher is residing1.0.1
core.useTopDomainDefaults to false, set to “true” if you want the cookie to be shared between subdomains (cookie is set to .domain.xx)1.0.2
style.consentInputTypeDefaults to checkbox, value “toggle” changes the UI1.0.3
style.useAccordionForPurposeDefault is false, true enables accordion UI for purpose lists on 2nd layer1.0.3
style.layoutTypeDefaults to “2-tabs”, “3-tabs” enables the split on UI between consents and legitimate interests1.0.3
style.disableConfirmationModalDefault is false, “true” disables the confirmation when user turns consent off1.0.3
core.googleTcfId755 (avoiding to hard-code Google related settings), this enables the personalization consent check.1.0.3
core.withBackendIntegrationtrue/false (default) tells the CMP whether the is superwrapper present1.0.6
core.syncEvents[“cmpui:closed”,”layer1:opt-in-all”] the list of events that are sent to superwrapper, allowing it to store the consents to backend1.0.6
style.showScrollBarstrue/false, sets the scrollbar visible on 2nd layer2.0.1
style.scrollBarWidthif showScrollBars is set to true, this defines the width of the scrollbar, set it to e.g. “10px”2.0.1
style.showCopyTcStringButtontrue/false, enables specific icon at bottom left corner of 2nd layer, click on icon copies TCstring to clipboard for user to send it over email, chat or analyze with external tools.2.0.3

Within the configuration also some text content can be altered but the content of the message cannot change, ie. CMP has been validated with standard policy-honoring texts and changing the wording might invalidate the CMP against the TCF 2.1 policy (and cause harms to Gravito as CMP vendor).