Getting Started

Gravito has a user module in prebid js, customers now can use Gravito’s first party service and prebid js usermodule to use a persistent first party id in prebid’s bit stream.

To Add prebid user ID module add following code to your site.

window.gravitoCMPConfig = {
  settings: {
    sdkVersion: 2,
    userIdModule: true,
    prebidUrl: "your prebid.js build URL", // url from which prebid build should be loaded. default will point to gravito's build

var gravitoSDKTag = document.createElement("script");

gravitoSDKTag.src = "";

gravitoSDKTag.onload = function () {
  // init gravito with two comma separated parameters, firstParty and prebid
  // this will make sure that the first party service drops a persistent id which can be utlized in prebids bit stream.
  window.gravito.init("firstParty", "prebid");