We offer our clients a dedicated server-side environment, various partnership models, and white-labeling options.

At Gravito, we understand that large enterprises and software companies have unique needs and often require complete control over the server-side runtime solutions and data storage.

Level 1: Dedicated Server and data storage

  • Dedicated and customised cloud environment
  • Gravito’s service and support.
  • Optimised location and cloud infrastructure
  • High SLA

Level 2: Private Cloud

  • Environment under client’s own Cloud Subscription
  • Gravito’s software support

Key Benefits:

    • Data Sovereignty: Organizations retain control over their data, adhering to strict privacy requirements
    • Customisation: Tailor the cloud setup to specific applications, performance metrics, and compliance standards.

Use Cases:

    • Dedicated IP address and domain name space
    • White-labeling the solution
    • Enterprise solutions
    • Sensitive workloads: Industries dealing with sensitive data (e.g., healthcare, finance).
    • Standalone reseller environment

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