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Gravito for Data economy

The amount of digital consumer data is bigger than ever before. The Data economy is the fastest growing part of any economy.

With powerful APIs and usage of smart contracts, Gravito allowes you to manage and commercialize your own data.


The 'Gravito' solution has been Influenced by the Nordic My Data concept, and provides finally a solution, where the data ownership and rights are managed entirely by the consumer. Gravito is a cloud-based, real-time consumer profile which follows you automatically over domains and cross organizations. It allows you to define your domain specific multi-level consents and provides means to connect your profile to the surrounding device(s) and “things”.

 It gives organizations access to real-time consumer profiles/segments where the people are themselves communicating their preferences and consents. Gravito enables a human centred approach in personal data management, that combines the industry need to data with digital human rights. It gives us access to our own data, specifies who can use it, and alter these decisions real-time. It provides real-time multi-level consent management in an easy way, allowing companies/organizations to access the segments/profiles that are relevant for them. The data can be shared to multiple tenants, which makes the solution unique, and enables a new ecosystem of services.

 Gravito goes far beyond the emerging consent management services as it creates an actual profile, which is accessible by the domains/tenants, if the consumer so allows. This rich profile, that follows you seamlessly over domains, is a foundation for a new data economy managed by the people. Technically speaking Gravito is a combination of a Data Management Platform (DMP), Customer Data Management platform (CDM) and next generation Consumer Relationship Management service (CRM). It is the European alternative to data management, where the data ownership is entirely in the hands of the Individual.


Gravito is a platform and a service that allows collection of observed data from various digital touchpoints and merging it with personal data secure way. End users are in full control of consenting companies to use their data or not.

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