In this new post we have a conversation with Gravito’s Chief Operating Officer Patrick Glantz

What do you think will be a major strategy change that your customers will make in terms of Consent Management and Privacy practices in 2022?

Both privacy as well as consents in general will become even more important going forward. The consumers will be expecting brands to honor their data and to be very meaningful and proactive in terms of the communication. We feel that asking for different kinds of consents should be more like a dialogue, where the customer also gets the value in giving consent to their data.

With Third party cookie about to die what do you think is the major challenge faced by your customers in the future?

Brands relying heavily on third-party data, from cookies and other sources, will certainly need to start focusing on their First-Party data. Taking advantage of your brand’s own consumer data before turning to rented data (Google, FB Ads, etc), can in many cases be much more efficient.

“Brands relying heavily on third-party data, from cookies and other sources, will certainly need to start focusing on their First-Party data”

– Patrick Glantz

What are the major challenges faced by your customer now?

Many of the brands aren’t accurate and real-time with their communication. They’ve built their stack around solutions which they haven’t managed to knit properly together resulting into overly complex and expensive set-ups. Many are clearly struggling with privacy as well, as their consents are not harmonized across different business units. This all prevents them to run a meaningful conversion with the customer.

What differentiates Gravito from other Consent Management platforms out there?

To start with, our CMP is developer-friendly and easy to implement and customize for any brand. We store the consents around a profile and always in First-Party context. This device profile, or micro-profile as we like to call it, can be enriched with other data as well. We noticed that taking the first party approach will need a keyring which can scale based on our customer’s needs. The keyring is therefore built as an integral part into the API. Our multi-tiered approach, enables you to build a device and user graph of your customers which is rich with data and consents.

How tightly knit is the consent management platform and the first party solution that you are building around it?

Gravito is much more than a consent management platform. It’s been built bottom-up, with the idea that multi-level consents are an integral part of the data-model and everything is gathered in the First-Party context.  This allows us to knit the consumer identities together with the consents in our keyring and provide it all as one package towards the surrounding technologies. Gravito provides a Data Clean Room where the walled gardens can share aggregated data with advertisers while still honoring privacy.

With respect to Publishers in the Nordics, how much do you think they are ready to capitalize on the First party data revolution?

There is a difference between the maturity level between different publishers, but many of them have understood the importance of their First-Party data and taken our solution into use. We’ve managed to show the lift and the power of our solution and hope that many will join the ride in 2022!